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 Saturday 03 May 2003, hrsh2csv 1.3 released
This version of the converter comes with some command line options, allowing you to customize the output of the program. Please note that the default command line changed completely, so don't forget to update your scripts if you are using some. Refer to the man page of the program.
 Monday 24 Feb 2003, Hours v1.8.6 beta released
After a very long time finally the Hours project gets active again and starts with a new beta version. Note that this version is beta and you should make a backup of your data before trying it out.
 Friday 13 Dec 2002, MPC 1.0 released
A new converting utility for Macintosh users has been released. This tool, written by Jan Erik Monstoem, can convert Hours databases as well as databases from other applications. For more information on the software go here:
 Sunday 01 Sep 2002, Hrsh2html converter
A new converting utility has been released. It requires an shell interpreter like the Bash common on UNIX systems or the Cygwin environment under Windows.
 Thursday 15 Aug 2002, New documentation
New detailed English documentation is available.
 Thursday 15 Aug 2002, Project currently stopped
The Hours project will be stopped for some time. As I got very busy at school I don't have the time to work on the application. However I will return one day :-)

Updated Sat May 3 02:10:44 PDT 2003
Peter Novotnik