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Hours 1.9 released: This version contains some new features (overtime per day, note per database, and a punch clock for creating records quickly). Since the database format has changed, you have to upgrade your databases when upgrading from 1.8.5 or earlier. For more information, read the UPGRADE file in the release.
This version is available from the File Release page, the rest of this homepage has not been updated yet! [2006-09-25]
hrsh2csv 1.3 released: This version of the converter comes with some command line options, allowing you to customize the output of the program. Please note that the default command line changed completely, so don't forget to update your scripts if you are using some. Refer to the man page of the program.
Hours is a time tracking utility for the Palm Operating System. It is quite a simple application with the purpose to help people in keeping track of time spent of various things. Hours has been kept very general purpose and this makes it very usable in different circumstances. Being able to keep track of time spent on projects or at work with the same method is the main goal of this development. With the Palm philosophy in mind this application should be regarded as a satellite helper to quickly write down your hours with a note.

As data produced by Hours needs to be accessed by desktop applications like Excel, StarOffice, OpenOffice or others there is a utility to convert pdb files, which are created on the handheld, into a more usable format at the desktop. The command line program hrsh2csv converts Hours pdb files into comma separated value files which can be read by the above listed applications for example. For Macintosh users there is a separate tool called MPC and is mantained by Jan Erik Monstroem. There is even a h2csv.exe GUI program provided for MS Windows users.

Hours and also both converters are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). To learn more about the GPL license, read the 'COPYING' file which is included in the release packages or visit to read more about the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation.

Latest stable release: v1.9
If you think Hours is good or is not or you have a suggestion or a comment so write a email to You can also write a feature or support request which I'll try to reply to as soon as possible. If you would like to know when a new version has been released you can subscribe to the 'hours' mailing list where I post notifications about new releases and beta versions.
The released version of the Palm application have been developed on a Palm m500, m505 and Vx. They have been tested in the Palm OS Emulator with different ROM images.

The minimal required Palm OS version has been held down to 2.0. But there are special builds that do require a minimal version of 3.1. The code for Hours has been divided into several parts from a logical point of view. Depending on the defined flags, that exclude or include those parts at compilation time, the final PRC varies between 60KB and 100KB in size.

To build your own version of Hours you'll need PRC-Tools 2.0 or greater, the Palm SDK 3.5 or greater and the pilrc resource compiler. The currently released versions are build with PRC-Tools 2.2, Palm SDK 4.0 and PILRC 2.9p2.

Updated Sat May 3 02:10:56 PDT 2003
Peter Novotnik