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 v1.8.6b 24.Feb.03
  • Overtime per day computation
  • Note for databases

 v1.8.5 12.Mar.02
  • Graph dialog
  • Export records to Memo application in CSV format
  • Bug fix on duplication of databases; record's categories and billed information didn't remain

 v1.8.2 14.Feb.02
  • Minor Improvements
  • Importing of datebook events
  • New about dialog
  • Support for HandEra330

 v1.8.1 08.Feb.02
  • Important bug fix on the duplicate function

 v1.7.1 01.Dec.01
  • Thanks to Will Lee some language corrections
  • Bug fix on hours computation of large numbers
  • Separate different date records option

 v1.7 29.Nov.01
  • MainForm contains a lot of new features
  • Default categories to make creating databases quicker
  • Bug fixes on the hours2csv converter
  • Billed/Unbilled feature

 v1.6.1 18.Nov.01
  • Bug fix on categories in the hrsh2csv converter

 v1.6.1 14.Nov.01
  • Compatibility with systems down to OS version 2.0.5 ensured
  • Now buttons for the begin/end time controls

 v1.6 11.Nov.01
  • Lunch break for each day (only on V16 databases)
  • Separated preferences for each database.
  • More possibilities to customize the HoursForm
  • New behavior of hours computation: when the end time is smaller than the begin time, the total hours are computed correctly assuming that the end happened the next day.

 v1.5 01.Nov.01
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for colors
  • Variable column widths on HoursForm
  • Support for global find & goto
  • Bug fix on large total hours

 v1.4 27.Oct.01
  • Support for no time begin/end time
  • Ability to set default begin and times

 v1.3 25.Oct.01
  • Bug fix on manual sort of databases (on MainForm)
  • Scan databases function to search for not registered databases on RAM

 v1.2 17.Oct.01
  • Lunch breaks
  • Improved error handling when a database cannot be found

 v1.1 ???
  • Code completely rewritten
  • Many improvements as well in GUI as in performance

 v1.0 ???
  • Initial setup of the application

Updated Sun Sep 1 03:07:31 CEST 2002
Peter Novotnik