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 ... for Macintosh users (MPC)
For Macintosh users Jan Erik Monstroem has created an advanced conversion utility called MPC which can handle many Palm application databases and also databases created by the Hours application. The official web page for this program is where you'll find everything about this converter. It should be noted that MPC is not released under GPL. Please see the MPC's web page for more information.
 ... for Windows users (h2csv)
For Windows users I've setup a GUI-based application to make conversion easier. The h2csv converts databases up to version V18 which is currently the latests database version Hours can generate.

However, as I do not run Windows anymore so I cannot develop this program anymore and would be glad to find someone who would like to take care for this code. If you would like to help me, just send an email to

 ... for any others (hrsh2csv)
For any others, like me, who uses Linux for example, I'm actively working on an ANSI-C command line program called hrsh2csv. This program has also been successfully tested under windows. So if you don't fear command line programs switch over to this tool.

As of version 1.3 the program itself understands many command line options to have better control over the conversion. Do read the manpage or, much better, the source code which is fairly simple. Of course, you are invited to read the sources and send any patches to me you think that would be helpful to others.

Updated Mon May 5 07:49:26 CEST 2003
Peter Novotnik