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 Tue Feb 25 2003
While the JogDial support was included in all versions, now it has been isolated throught the CONFIG_JOGDIAL support.
 Fri Aug 30 2002
hello world ;-)
 Mar 15 2002
The resources for the HoursDetailsForm and HoursGraphForm were set with the NOSAVEBEHIND flag now, so when switching from Graph to HoursDetails restoring any bits is avoided. We just erase the Graph and directly go to the HoursDetailsForm.
 Mar 13 2002
A new definition reading CONFIG_EXP2MEMO controls whether code for exporting a database to the built-in memo application is included.
 Mar 10 2002
A new definition reading CONFIG_GRAPH controls whether the Graph should be included in the build. The Graph presents some of the data from the HoursForm but in a different kind. Well, actually more experimental then useful.
 Mar 05 2002
  • The CONFIG_OS_BELOW_31 definition has been renamed to CONFIG_OS_BELOW_30, also the min. required OS version has moved to 3.0 if the flag is not defined at compilation time.
  • All preferences related to the Hours Preferences dialog are now stored in one global structure instead of the numerous single variables.
 Feb 22 2002
Yes, there is something like a bug, but unfortunately this is not easy to be solved. The problem lies in the nature of the database info block. On the HoursForm one can set the column widths by dragging the small dots. As currently the screen's width on HandSpring's and Palm's devices is 160x160 pixel there is no need to store the x-coord in a UInt16 variable, so we store it in a UInt8. Unfortunately this has an effect on HandEra330 where the screen's width exceeds the 255 limit. This results in the fact that Hours cannot remember the x-coord of a column that is located behind the 255th pixel. The real problem is that the defined database info block already has a field for this value reserved, unfortunately of type UInt8. Changing the database info block would cause much trouble so ...
 Feb 21 2002
Support for the high-resolution screen of Sony Clie has been added. The current state of this feature has been tested only on The ROM image of a N710C and a "real" Sony PEG-N610C (many thanks to RalfZ from palmchat). If you find the following flag definition in the about dialog ... you'll know ... ah ... RalfZ was here ;-)
 Feb 18 2002
The CONFIG_OVERTIME flag was added to enable a build of a version without the support for computing overtime. Apparently this feature is more confusing rather then helpful and thus I'm considering to remove this functionality from the application.
 Feb 17 2002
The following flags are available:
  • CONFIG_HLP_STRS to enable/disable the small "i" icon in the captions of dialog as I do not like them ;-)
  • CONFIG_SUM_DIALOG to have a build with out this dialog
The way we define our version of the application has also changed. At compilation time all strings reading "##VERSION##" in the resources are replaced, using sed, with the contents of the "version" file.
 Feb 14 2002
Under the use of the C preprocessor the code has been heavily modified (splitted) since version v1.8.1, so building more individual releases is possible.
Of course there is a problem of keeping an overview of what version actually is distributed. To solve this problem there is now an extended about dialog which lists all flags used at compilation time. If you are adding new flags into the hours code please do not forget to update also the about dialog. today there are the following flags defined:
  • CONFIG_COLOR - support for colors
  • CONFIG_EXT_ABOUT - the extended about dialog instead of the plain one. Always define this flag or else you won't see the flag list.
  • CONFIG_HANDERA - support for HandEra330
  • CONFIG_OS_BELOW_31 - min. required OS version is 3.1 if not defined at compilation time. If defined ... min. required OS version is 2.0
  • CONFIG_BEAMING - support for beaming of databases
  • CONFIG_DATEBOOK - support for exporting/importing events to/from the built-in datebook application
unfortunately, i don't know how to setup a configure script ... if there is someone how can show me how ...

Updated Sun Sep 1 03:00:39 CEST 2002
Peter Novotnik